Orthopedic Care

NOI physicians have experience in many areas of orthopedic care. If you are not sure whom you need to see we recommend calling our office and speaking with one of our patient specialists who can help you to identify the right physician. Contact us today.

Dr. Andrew Gerken specializes in Orthopedic Care, Foot and Ankle. For more information, view the links below:

Dr. Andrew Gerken specializes in the treatment of orthopedic problems affecting the lower extremity - from the knee to the foot & ankle. He has had extra fellowship training in these areas, and likes to focus on restoring one’s ability to walk and/or run effectively and pain free.
“I grew up in a tennis playing family, but discovered that I would be much better at running. From many aspects, competitive running made a huge difference in my life. However, I battled injuries as much as my opponents. Although I am still competitive, my new foe is your ailment. I consider it a victory when I can get someone else moving again pain free, whether it be walking or running activities. I tend to be on the conservative side, and will do everything short of surgery when possible. But if your problem requires surgery, I will be focused and utilize the most up to date and proven techniques available.”