Patient Testimonials

“Thanks for going the extra step to explain options to me regarding my injury, as well as trying to help accommodate my comfort. Thank you so much. P.S. Randy the person who casted my leg was very informative and very professional. Please tell Randy thanks for the very comfortable cast.”– Patient of Dr. Gerken

“I’m walking! My ankle is healed. No surgery. Thank you Dr. Gerken! I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis thanks to Dr. Caillouette referring me to Dr. Chico Vonij (Neuro-Care – Hoag Hospital). Dr. Caillouette replaced my husband’s hip. Excellent Orthopedic Surgeon. I fall all the time w/M.S. never broke a bone until 09/2008. Ouch, my ankle! Hoag Hospital wanted to start surgery, ASAP. My husband said NOI! He took me to NOI. Met with Dr. Gerken – extreme care, compassion, thorough. X-rays and two lime green casts! I followed through and won my battle! No Surgery! Thank you!”– Patient of Dr. Gerken

“Awesome service. From day one I have felt taken care of and a priority. Dr. Gerken and the rest of the staff has superseded all expectations. This is truly an elite clinic in service and products. Thank you for all your care.” – Patient of Dr. Gerken

“Thank you, everything about your practice is top notch! I have never experienced such a smoother operation of a medical office. You have a real well oiled machine! Dr. Gerken was wonderful, very reassuring, great personality – successful surgery!”– Patient of Dr. Gerken